/*! ---------- Mick Schouten (36y/Rotterdammer)Creative Front-end Developer www.bravebox.io www.bravepress.io (coming soon) vimeo.com/mickschoutenbravebox@gmail.com Associates: www.vicinitysoftware.com www.digitalcreative.nl www.lindahirzmann.com www.motionsnacks.com ---------- Teaming up: In association with Thomas Cremers (VicinitySoftware) we are extending our services to create a single strong front- and back-end team. Does your team need UX/UI or techical expertise you can contact us via contact information above. ---------- Work experience:> Bravebox.io (self-employed 2008-ongoing)> INGcb.com (2014-ongoing) (http://www.ingcb.com)> Wijze.nl (2014) (http://www.wijze.nl)> Have.nl (2003/2006) (deprecated)> Maranja.com (2000/2003) (deprecated) ---------- Practical experience: - Work experience calc(+15y);  foreach experience as professions_applied () { console.log('Designer / illustrator'); console.log('Motiongrapher (it was just a fase)') console.log('Front-end developer (ongoing)')  html/css:========================= javascript:========================= php:========================= design tools:=========================  Favorite cli tools: iTerm, NPM, Gulp} ---------- Description: Creative front-end is my expertise. Ik heb de afgelopen jaren veel ervaring opgebouwd als zelfstandig ondernemer en bij diverse creatieve studio's. Ik werkte daar als all-rounder mee aan de ontwikkeling van diverse online uitingen en maakte video's, (3D) animaties, (actie)websites en illustraties. ---------- Work (latest): www.otflow.com (WP (new site coming soon)) www.newindustry.nl (WP (new site coming soon)) www.supersterkerekenaars.nl (front-end) www.fit.ventures (design + WP) www.rendement.nl/abonnementen (front-end) www.thedubaimall.com (front-end) ING cbportal (ongoing) Work (2014/2015): www.rendement.nl/proef (front-end) www.shoppingminds.nl (WP) www.wijze.nl (design + WP) www.stringcaster.com (design + WP) www.letscrooze.com (front-end) www.onderdelenkompas.nl (front-end) www.ctrl-eyewear.com (deprecated) www.joulz.nl/jaarverslag2013 (design + front-end) ---------- What makes me happy:> My lovely wife / wee 14 month y/o Art ("R2")> Living and having a nice office in Rotterdam> Tabletop gaming (Curretly playing: D&D 5th and Edge of the Empire)> Making RPG book with friend> Imguring (lurking)  :) */