About me

My name is Mick schouten and I am a creative front-end developer.

Well howdy folks! And thank you for reading this short bio. I have been making things for the web one way or another quite some time now. Fresh out of school (2000) I made my first commisions in Photoshop and Macromedia Flash (Macromedia... yeah... 😁), and boy..., if I look back today... well you get the idea. As years progress you learn and get better, and that to me has always been the fun part.

Most of my working carreer has been in and around Rotterdam, the Netherlands. A wonderfull city with a lot of professionals I had the privilage to work with or learn from at various startups, branding agencies or other digital companies. In 2010 I decided to start my own company Bravebox\io with a focus on creating UX/UI concepts for larger applications and creating the functional styled components and styleguides that are used as building blocks and guides for those applications.

We recenlty moved to the north of our country, Groningen, where me, my wife and our son Art `r2` are having a great time living a more quiet country life!

What is my focus

Conceptual UX/UI designs
Functional Styled Components
Front-end development
HTML/CSS (Postcss/SCSS) and Javascript
W3C Web Components with Polymer
React (basics)

I use Visual Studio Code daily with iTerm as my integrated terminal. I also use Affinity Designer or Sketch as design tools (But also proviciant in all Adobe Creative Cloud products). Though not a full blown illustrator or motion grapher, I occacionally integrate these techniques in website.

Bravebox, 2015 and onwards

2017 ~ Cobase (www)
2015 ~ ING Wholesale banking (www)
2015 ~ wijZE (www)
Bravebox commisions
2018 ~ RAVB Studentenwerk (Custom login with Wordpress plugin / Vue) (www)
2017 ~ Spiked Cycles (UI Design & front-end) (www)
2017 ~ Thomas Cremers (UI Design & front-end) (www)
2016 ~ Stringcaster (UI Design & front-end) (www)
2016 ~ Tjerk Noordraven (UI Design & front-end) (www)
2015 ~ Dubai Mall (front-end) (www)
2015 ~ Shopping Minds (front-end) (www)